Womens Tourchase powered by Peak Performance

March 2016

Savognin, Switzerland

March 10, 2016

What an adventure! A three day skitour crossing from Savognin to Schwanden. Twelve persons, and only two of those are men: mountain guide Ben and photographer Mathias. We spend three days full of diversion, challenges and incredible nature – the route takes us across three valleys and far away from the comfort of easy runs into wild ragged mountains.

We pass huge and epic rock formations with frozen waterfalls, and seas of rock. And all of that in a group of girls in which you don’t have to be ashamed to admit every now and then that you are growing up and over some of your personal limitations. We can feel sorry for each other and give a pat on the back at the same time

A real-life bootcamp in a fantastic environment with nice people… We already look forward to a rerun next year!