February 15, 2016


On the way back from our last Powderchase weekend we are already fully immersed in the weather charts and forecasts for the next few days. There will only be limited amounts of snow. And what’s coming, will be in Arlberg. We call a few mountain guides and try to get a bit more insight into the situation and see if there are any alternatives, but we still end up deciding for Warth. Already the third time we’ll be going to this North-pointing ski area on the ’backside’ of Lech.

After confirmation from our mountain guides Marko, Christian and Gebhardt we are already smiling. With these guides nothing can go wrong. Finding accomodation however is extremely nerve-wracking, but we find a reward after all our hard work: the nicest hotel we’ve ever stayed at with a Powderchase!

The two Slowderchase groups get into the off-piste straight away with their teachers, and the Powderchasers pick a few lines here and there. Some of the group has been to Warth before and they’ve remembered where some of the good lines are. In the evening the atmosphere is good, some people are wondering if there’s enough snow to warrant a Powderchase…

It takes about an hour on Saturday, then it’s clear: yes, there’s enough snow! All the guides find the right kind of terrain for their group. Depending on skill level, physical fitness and group size, everyone has a good time with lots of good runs, sprays, crashes and big fat smiles. This evening no-one is wondering anymore, on the contrary!

Sunday provides us with some great weather, that has a little influence on the quality on the snow cover. The guides still find untracked runs, how do they do this? We need to hike or traverse a little bit here or there, but you can still get to it relatively easy.

Tired but happy we pile into the car at the end of the day to drive back. Once again Warth has proven it’s image as a solid Powderchase destination!