Powderchase and Slowderchase Warth Schröcken

January 2017

Warth Schröcken

September 20, 2017

Warth Schröcken

Our first Powderchase & Slowderchase for this season started with an uneasy feeling – but turned out to be one for the books!

It was beginning of January and winter was very shy and thrifty with the anticipated snow so far, but a huge dump was expected for the weekend to come.

Because the area around Warth was the place with the highest base layer and can secure safe and fun riding during snowstorms – it was our destination of choice. And as so often it didn’t disappoint – not at all.

Thursday night during arrival everybody was unsure about the conditions because grass could still be seen everywhere and the forecasted snow was still not in sight. In close exchange with the mountain guides and weather gurus we knew, there is something big coming. Trusting their instinct and their prediction of  snow masses some even decided to put on snow chains before going to bed – and they were glad they did the next morning.

Just overnight it snowed more than 40cm of the freshest goods and it kept on pouring down these big, white, fluffy crystals like in an exaggerated Disney movie. Like kids at christmas eve, everybody had a big grin on the face during breakfast and was ready to dive right into it.

We are not lying when saying “dive” into the snow…

Although it was like riding on a big smooth cloud, our Slowderchase groups had to learn the hard way how exhausting it can be to find a lost ski in these snow masses. Snowboarders also spent plenty of time digging themselves out. If you think that sounds bad – you are more than wrong. Despite some grunting and sweating during the search for a ski, everybody still had a big smile underneath – because it was soft and simply amazing to see all that snow.

Bright colored clothing definitely helped to spot somebody disappearing in a powder cloud 😉

After a crazy “warm up” day on Friday, the beers were more than deserved and everybody was excited to ski all that snow with the mountain guides the next days. (It was still snowing – 1m until so far…)

Saturday morning started with a similar picture. Fresh snow over night and still snowing. With the amount of snow it almost got too much to ride safe –  but thanks to the knowledge of our mountain guides we knew exactly where to ride safe and get the finest powder runs. In addition to our luck with weather it even started to clear up around noon for more visibility and possibilities to ride.

Bas doing his thing – slaying pow…

Happy Chasers!

And if all of this wasn’t enough already, Sunday almost got ridiculous. It stopped snowing and the sun came out – all lifts opened. Access to all routes. Just thinking about it, we are still speechless. Again pictures need to tell the rest…

Fresh tracks underneath a chair that just opened – it doesn’t get better than that.. 


A definition of a Powderchase… Thanks to everyone who joined!