Track records


March 2018

Visiting a good old friend again Because of a weather phenomenon called “Polarwirbel Split” the prediction of the conditions and precipitation was again not easy, but the participants for the Powderchase March should not be disappointed. A little Storm just hit the south-western region on Monday before our trip, but… Read More


February 2018

Unexpected great conditions and a new favorite location For the Powderchase in February we were looking at a difficult weather scenario. So far the season was really good, with a lot of snow and cold temperatures but just the week before we wanted to go for another adventure, it rained… Read More

Warth Schröcken

January 2018

When the snow comes from the North there are very few places that can be better than Warth-Schröcken. So it’s with a certain regularity that you’ll see this destination show up on Powderchase trips. So far this winter has been coming on strong and there is a nice and solid… Read More


Mid January 2018

2m of fresh powder in 2 days – sounds good for a perfect powder chase! Unfortunately the avalanche situation was a 5 and the valley, we wanted to go, was closed. So, we had to cancel the Slowderchase and asked all the other Powderchaser, if they are committed to go… Read More

Steep and Deep – Dolomites

February 2018

The first edition of our new Steep and Deep Format was just perfect! But lets start from the beginning…. After having checked the snow and weather conditions we were sure to head to the right spot – Sass Pordoi in the heart of the dolomites. All of the 12 participants… Read More


April 2017

A trip of extremes: sunshine, blisters and fog, slush and powder, rainy snow showers and sweat A memorable trip in the spring-ish Silvretta range. Powder snow was hard to find, and so was good Italian coffee. But as stuborn as we are we did our best to find both….and guess… Read More


March 2017

There was lots of snow forecasted for this weekend. Unfortunatly most of it was supposed to fall inneralpine and above 2000hm! Where to go? We decided for one of our favorite spots – Andermatt! Arrival day was a bit of a challenge, due to a closed road to our hostel,… Read More

Powderchase Chamonix

February 2017

Since we already had an “alternative” Powderchase on the last trip, everybody was praying for more snow to come until this Powderchase. But the winter until then still was very shy and reserved with delivering the aspired amounts of snow, at least in our traditional regions and we already thought… Read More

Alternative Powderchase Rofan

January II 2017

We had a really hard start into this weekend. While it had snowed very hard the weekend before, there was not any snow in sight for our second Powderchase of the year. And since we take our promise seriously, we officially cancelled the second date of the season. But! All… Read More