Planks: Skis

Favourite Terrain: Steep Shoots & Couloirs

Short Description: Next to being an adrenaline junkie and always on the search for the steepest & narrowest couloirs, Ricarda is the head of Powderchase. Thanks to her connections in the industry and passion for powder – she always finds the best destinations and organizes everything. As a mother of 3 great kids and doing what she does, she is the definition of a true “badass” Mom!


Planks: Skis

Favourite Terrain: Anything – but he loves the adrenaline while riding!

Short Description: Mr. Powderchase! Bas initiated and created Powderchase many years ago as a business model in order to avoid private trouble with his former wife who didn't like his private skiing and snowboarding trips. Bas loves riding – skis, snowboard or bikes. If you meet him: ask him about his 24 hour bike ride on Christmas day!


Planks: Skis

Favourite Terrain: As playful as it can get... as long as there is something to jump over!

Short Description: Nick is the next Powderchase Generation. He´s not only charming but also levels out the Powderchase Backoffice by being relaxed! And when it come´s down to skiing this is the guy to head off with! He does not only know how to ski but also how to jump in style. And if you ever want to drive along in his chic BMW X1 – take along some good music!


Planks: Snowboard and skis

Favourite Terrain: Big wide open terrain where he can 'step on the gas'

Short Description: More than twenty years ago Jeroen opened the first real snowboard shop in the Netherlands, that’s how dedicated he is. With a background in hospitality management, he is also the person who feels most responsible to make sure all Powderchase participants are having a good time and enjoying themselves. After years on a snowboard he’s been practising a lot on skis in the last few years.


Planks: Snowboard

Favourite Terrain: Big and wide slopes

Short Description: Arno loves adrenaline sports and wodka lemon! He started snowboarding in the 90ies and tried to convince all the skiing “traitors” to keep up with one board. But now that he´s getting older he also rides on two planks once in a while ☺ . During the week Arno works for a Bavarian car company and takes care of his wife and his three sons!


Planks: Snowboard

Favourite Terrain: Super Mario Land, when there are lots of little jumps and hits to do tricks on.

Short Description: Krijn has been a tailguide at Powderchase since the first winter. In the summer he runs a outdoor center with surfing, rafting and kids actitivities. He’s a very playful rider, always looking for the next thing to jump. A few years ago he won the Dutch Freeriding Championships on his splitboard, and since the competition has gotten cancelled every year since he still carries that title!


Planks: Skis

Favourite Terrain: Treeruns, wide slopes... really anything

Short Description: Martin is a real double talent when it comes to riding in snow! He uses his skis as good as his snowboard. Due to his work in sports industry, Martin is the guy to talk to when it comes down to any material or technical issue. And if you want someone to experience a very direct answer to any question – this is you man!


Planks: Skis, Skis, Skis!

Favourite Terrain: Any terrain – and it can be technical!

Short Description: Andreas Legs are really tough! She is an awesome skier and looks good in ANY terrain. Even Bruchharsch won't do her any harm. Andrea used to work for K2 and is a really good interviewpartner if you have any kind of material questions. And next to that – it just never gets boring with her!


Planks: Skis

Favourite Terrain: Tree Skiing

Short Description: Seeing Anna for the first time you might think of a shy, pretty blondie, but you will be proved very different. Anna is a badass skier and in summer big into downhill biking. She is not afraid of anything and definitely has a quick tongue. If you are looking for the funniest chair rides – you should team up with Anna!


Planks: Skis

Favourite Terrain: Pillow Lines

Short Description: This handsome devil is not only good looking, but also a crazy good skier and probably one of the nicest guys you can meet. He is a true nature talent when it comes to any sorts of sports. In summer he usually surfs, which is also his inspiration for his skiing style. Besides being a true sporty, Timo is a kind of digital nomad, travelling the world and helping out everybody in need for some SEO on the go.