Chasing the snow for a week from the comfort of a mobile home

10 - 17 JAN 2015

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a Powderchase on wheels = CAMPERCHASE

It was on our mind for years and when we finally organised the first one it turned out to be one of our best experiences in the mountains ever! Powderchasing for an extended period without being depedent on finding accomodation. So it was only more than logical for us to organise a new one this winter. Chasing the snow for a week with a bunch of like-minded riders in your own mobile home. With a fridge stacked with drinks and food, all your gear in storage and the Alps will be at our feet and we can ride wherever we want. To make sure all that runs safely we are bringing along mountainguides for five full days of guiding.


What can be expected?

We don’t plan on breaking up our camp every single evening and driving down to a new spot. We’d like to leave that up to weather and snow conditions. The general idea however is that we visit about 2 to 4 spots where we can ride to our heart’s content. Because we have more time to hit memorable lines, the idea is to also bring tourable equipment. That way we can move more flexible through ski areas and on some days or spots we can save ourselves the cost of expensive liftpasses (some ski areas actually offer a touringski-only liftpass) or get into terrain that is otherwise out of reach.

On Saturday you’ll pick up the camper at a rental location in Germany. You register yourself and your co-travellers as drivers of the van and drop of your deposit. You will be assigned to a spacious and modern camper with two other Powderchasers. Strong enough to drive up a big mountain pass or to reach that one little extra special place. On Saturday afternoon and evening you drive down to our first location. By then we’ll have built up our first base camp.

The days after we’ll be powdering, touring, campfiring and beer drinking through the Alps. To be really honest – once we are in a certain corner of the Alps – we want to try and maximise our stay there. But if it’s necessary to pack it all up and drive from Krippenstein to Grand St. Bernardpass, then that’s what we’re going to do.

Since cramming three persons and all of their gear in a camper, we’ll organise a small generator to be able to power all facilities in the campers on some spots where we don’t have electricity.


  • Saturday, January 10th: camper pick-up at our rental company’s location in Germany and cruise down to the Alps
  • Sunday, January 11th: set up our first camp, warm-up day and settling into camper life
  • Monday, January 12th – Friday, January 16th: five days of freeriding and touring under guidance of certified UIAGM mountain guides
  • Saturday, January 17th: take a quick last lap or start the drive back to the rental company

– Weather and snow conditions, de physical fitness of the group and other external factors can contribute to necessary changes to our program.

Availability: max. 12 spots, 2 groups of 6. You will be assigned to a 4-person camper with two other people, the fourth spot will stay empty. We will try and take into account groups of friends, ladies/gents, etc.

Price: €1289,- per person