Special Powderchases

Legendary La Grave

waiting period: 18 JAN - 28 FEB 2015

Rather than fix the date and have the location open (as we do on regular Powderchases) we will fix the location and have the date open. We feel it’s the only way to be able to ride some of those legendary locations in the Alps under the best conditions possible. And without a doubt La Grave is one of those locations.

Womens Powderchase

11 - 14 DEC 2014

Some of the best riding of your life together with a bunch of like-minded women! Powder snow and lots of smiles, happy faces and tired legs. Only the date is set for these powder trips into the Alps. What our destination will be, is decided last-minute by snow and weather forecasts. The most important criteria: powder, powder and powder! And a comfortable place to stay off course.


10 - 17 JAN 2015

Chasing snow for an entire week made easy because you have your house on your back. That is the idea behind Camperchase. Like a week-long Powderchase with a little extra. Winter camping, more time to tour to some unforgettable terrain, sleeping with one foot in nature. Everything that makes a regular Powderchase great in an extra-big helping!