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Womens Tourchase powered by Peak Performance

March 2016

What an adventure! A three day skitour crossing from Savognin to Schwanden. Twelve persons, and only two of those are men: mountain guide Ben and photographer Mathias. We spend three days full of diversion, challenges and incredible nature – the route takes us across three valleys and far away from… Read More

Powderchase Warth



On the way back from our last Powderchase weekend we are already fully immersed in the weather charts and forecasts for the next few days. There will only be limited amounts of snow. And what’s coming, will be in Arlberg. We call a few mountain guides and try to get a bit more insight into the situation and see if there are any alternatives, but we still end up deciding for Warth. Already the third time we’ll be going to this North-pointing ski area on the ’backside’ of Lech.




Four days before ‘our’ weekend the first big snow storm of the year is brewing. Not only in the Northeast, but also from the West there should be interesting amounts of snow. But on top there will also be lots of wind. And the forecasted avalanche situation is pretty sketchy. Where to go?


Warth-Schröcken 2

March 2015

One look at the list with participants promises an exciting weekend with lots of new faces and – for the first time – two SLOWderchase groups! At the same time we realize that it’s pretty damn hard to find accomodation for a group of 40 people only two days before… Read More



February 2015

REALLY? We’re going to Saalbach-Hinterglemm? Isn’t that a total family-oriented ski area in which more beer gets drunk than actual riding gets done? To say some Powderchasers were a little surprised would have been an understatement. To be honest, so were we… Wednesday early – the day on which we… Read More

Sébastien Baritussio-2727


January 2015

To say that this winter it has been a bit of a struggle to find good snow, is a bit of an understatement. We mean, it’s there! But you’re going to have to work your Powderchasing behind of to get to it! Same for this weekend. There had been some… Read More

2015-01-17 16.49.31


January 2015

If you take a look out of the window, you can hardly believe that we’ve just confirmed this Powderchase. Everything’s green. And it’s warm too! On the way to Schröcken we (again!) have this funny feeling in our stomach: one the one hand we’re stoked about organizing our first Powderchase… Read More


Arabba / Dolomites

Januari 2014

And on top of that: where else would you find this combination of steep couloirs, breathtaking scenery, great food and cool mountain guides? While driving down there – despite good forecasts and local information – we were starting to get a bit nervous. Where on earth was all this snow… Read More


January 2014 – Camperchase Special

For years we have had this idea in the back of our minds. Thanks to the efforts of Jeroen it finally could take place: the Camperchase. Chasing the snow in a camper, so your free of any kind of worries about your accommodation, because you have it with you. New… Read More

2013-04-20 12.36.44

April 2013 – Lofoten Special

To do a Special Powderchase has been on our wishlist for a long time. We wanted to offer the chance to go ride in an überspecial place to some dedicated Powderchasers. A place that might be a little ‘of the beaten path’ and even a little more expensive to go… Read More